Gold Mine

Pahang Gold Mine

The Gold Mining project is located in Pahang, the most famous gold mining location in Malaysia.

Lipis Gold Mine

The proposed mining area measuring 100.0 Ha, located at Mukim Hulu Jelai, District Lipis, Pahang Darul Makmur. This area was inspected by the applicant to determine any gold alluvial reserve and found to contain gold particles in the stream.

Area (ha) Mukim District State
100.0 Hulu Jelai Lipis Pahang



The project site varied out in height between 100.0m to 140.0m maximum contour level. The altitude rises from east to west of the project site. By observation the project site is undulating and hilly.


The project site is drained by Sungai Serau and its Tributaries. South part of the proposed area is drained by Sungai Belanga which also flow into Sungai Serau.


The area is concerned with secondary forest with belukars and under growths. Old gold mining activities can be seen surrounding the project site.

Existing Environment of Project Area

The present condition of the area is mostly covered with secondary forest with belukars and undergrowth. Some previous gold mining activities can be seen surrounding the area.


Geology of the area underlain by volcanic flows and pyroclastic rocks with interbedded shales. Limestone is the general geological pattern of the project site.